Cheaper Ollie Dog Food Alternatives

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The following article reviews the best cheaper Ollie dog food alternatives for 2024.

cheaper ollie dog food alternatives

Ollie dog food has earned its reputation for using human-grade ingredients, real meat, fresh fruit and veggies, and personalized meal plans which fit many dogs, and dog parents are satisfied with the quality it offers.

Nevertheless, some dog parents find this brand expensive and look for dog food similar to Ollie’s but more beneficial for their canines or more affordable.

If you’re on the same quest, consider PetPlate. This recipe offers similar nutrition to Ollie but at a much lower cost.


Other more affordable options provide the same distinctive advantages as Ollie’s fresh foods. Choosing the perfect option for your beloved dog will depend on their individual needs.

Stay tuned to learn more about our list of the best budget substitutes for Ollie dog food.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Cheaper Ollie Dog Food Alternatives

  1. Pet Plate – Ollie Fresh Pork with Apples Alternative
  2. The Farmer’s Dog Ollie Fresh Chicken with Carrots Alternative
  3. Nom Nom – Ollie Fresh Turkey with Blueberries Alternative
  4. Open Farm – Ollie Fresh Beef with Sweet Potatoes Alternative
  5. Spot & Tango – Ollie Fresh Lamb with Cranberries Alternative

5 Cheaper Dog Foods Similar to Ollie Reviewed

Here are our reviews of the five best Ollie dog food competitors in 2024.

Pet Plate

feeding your pup with pet plate fresh food
Pet Plate – The best value for money

Pet Plate’s Power Packed Pork recipe is the best cheaper alternative to Ollie’s Fresh Pork with Apples.

Dog parents who like to buy premium food with real meat, fruit, and veggies cooked in small batches and USDA kitchens will be glad that this brand offers similar quality but at a lower cost.

The vet-designed, fresh food, or entrees, are made with 6 different types of meat:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Venison

This brand also offers personalized meal plans that are uniquely crafted for your dog and meet his needs.

Moreover, they choose fresh, human-grade ingredients to make your dog a tasty, nutritious meal that can help him stay healthy and strong.

All you need to do is pick up the delivery at your door, put it in the fridge, and serve it before mealtime.

You can take a break from thinking about how much food your dog needs or if he gets enough nutrients because the professional team at Pet Plate takes care of all of this.

The Power Packed Pork formula is grain-inclusive and besides real pork, pork liver, and barley it contains wholesome ingredients like red peppers and green beans.

On top of that it has salmon oil high in healthy omegas that can improve your pup’s skin and coat.

It’s suitable for dogs who need to avoid poultry and it doesn’t contain wheat, soy, or corn, so dogs sensitive to these ingredients can also enjoy the flavorful food.

Another important feature is that the brand offers to choose either a full meal plan starting at $1.29 per day or a topper plan for $0.51 a day. 

The Farmer’s Dog

dog waiting for the farmers dog fresh food
The Farmer’s Dog – The best grain-inclusive formula

This brand is another fantastic pick if you want your dog to eat real, fresh food made with top-notch ingredients and delivered to your door.

The Farmer’s Dog, as its name suggests was made with farm dogs in mind as one of the longest-living canines due to the fresh, healthy food found at farms.

Furthermore, another advantage of choosing this brand is having unique meal plans according to your dog’s needs so that you don’t think about what and how much should your dog eat.

You can either take the recommended plan or choose from chicken, beef, pork, or turkey recipes. 

  • Chicken & Grains
  • Chicken (grain-free)
  • Turkey (grain-free)
  • Beef (grain-free)
  • Pork (grain-free)

We found their Chicken & Grains recipe to be the best substitute for Ollie’s Fresh Chicken with Carrots due to the similar choice of ingredients and quality, but, The Farmer’s Dog is more budget-friendly.

In addition, The Farmer’s Dog formula is created by vet nutritionists to make sure your four-legged buddy gets a balanced, nutritious meal to thrive.

There’s nothing but real meat and fresh veggies like carrots and cauliflower leaves, gently cooked to give your pal everything he needs.
Plus, the recipe is enriched with salmon oil and coconut oil that give your pal omega fatty acids to support coat, skin, brain, and bone health.

The brand claims all ingredients are top quality and help dogs have better digestion, immune systems, coat, and skin.

Nom Nom

dog waiting for nom nom dog food
Nom Nom – The best for a sensitive stomach

Nom Nom features fresh food recipes made according to AAFCO standards that are crafted by vet nutritionists and adjusted to your dog’s weight, health, and activity levels.

Another essential feature is that you can customize your dog’s meals depending on their preference and current goals.

Nom Nom’s team relies on science to calculate how much food your canine needs, so the only thing you need to do is thaw and serve.

Their recipes are made with real meat, wholesome ingredients, vitamins, and minerals to strengthen your pal’s immune system and boost his health.

You won’t find any artificial ingredients, fillers, soy, corn, or wheat, which makes the formulas suitable for dogs with food sensitivities as well.

The brand offers 4 different recipes:

  • Beef Mash
  • Chicken Cuisine
  • Pork Potluck
  • Turkey Fare

The Turkey Fare formula with brown rice can be an excellent substitute for Ollie’s Fresh Turkey with Blueberries for pups that need a grain-inclusive diet.

This recipe is made with real meat, brown rice rich in vitamin B, eggs, carrots, and spinach which are fantastic sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to boost your canine’s health.

Besides, Nom Nom’s fresh food provides enough protein, fiber, and fat to meet your dog’s needs and help him stay healthy and strong.

In addition, the formula is rich in omega fatty acids from fish oil that contribute to shinier coats, brain, bone, and joint health.

Nevertheless, this high-quality food starts at $2.40 per meal which is a bit more expensive than Ollie’s, and the price may vary depending on your dog’s weight, target weight, and age.

Nom Nom’s recipe has fewer ingredients than Ollie’s and this is something that some dog parents prefer, especially if their dog has food allergies.

And the advantage of having a personalized meal plan for your dog that’s specially made to meet your fur buddy’s needs and help him stay healthy can help you save on vet bills in the future.

Open Farm

bulldog with a bowl of the open farm fresh food
Open Farm – Best sustainable recipe

If you want a variety of choices and your dog likes different flavors, textures, and treats, this can be a terrific option.

Open Farm features:  

  • 27 dry foods
  • 6 raw mixes
  • 6 wet foods
  • 10 freeze-dried raw foods
  • 7 fresh foods
  • 3 bone broths
  • plus treats and supplements

This brand offers plenty of healthy, tasty recipes carefully crafted to provide dogs with the nutrients and taste they love.

Their ingredients can be 100% traced and they take care of sustainability and the environment.

In addition, Open Farm’s fresh, gently cooked recipes that include protein sources like beef, chicken, pork, and turkey in combination with superfoods like kale, butternut squash, and carrots are comparable to Ollie’s recipes.

We chose Open Farm Grass-Fed Beef gently cooked recipe as a more affordable alternative to Ollie’s Fresh Beef with Sweet Potatoes.

The recipe has 100% Animal Welfare Certified beef, beef liver, carrots, kale, and zucchini among the first ingredients and no artificial ingredients, fillers, soy, or corn.

This is an amazing choice for dogs allergic to poultry or dogs who need a grain-free diet.  

Moreover, Open Farm’s formulas are tailored for different life stages and you can find a good fit for your puppy, adult, or senior dog.

This brand also offers personalized meal plans if you get a subscription and it’s a bit more expensive than other high-quality brands, but it can be a better deal than Ollie’s.

Our team discovered that it can be an excellent choice for picky eaters due to the wide variety of products it offers.

And last but not least, they use human-grade and traceable ingredients, work sustainably, treat animals ethically, and protect the planet.

Kudos for that!

Spot & Tango

dog waiting for spot & tango fresh dog food
Spot & Tango – The best for picky eaters

The Spot & Tango earned its reputation for using 100% fresh ingredients, GMO and hormone-free, without any preservatives, fillers, or additives.

Their recipes offer balanced, nutritious meals for puppies and adults and meet the AAFCO standards.

It’s great that you can choose fresh or dry food or both, and their UnKibble is made using their unique Fresh Dry process which gently dries, keeps nutrients, and it doesn’t contain meat meals.

There are three fresh recipes:

  • Turkey + Red Quinoa
  • Beef + Millet
  • Lamb + Brown Rice

And, you can choose from three dry food options too:

  • Cod + Salmon
  • Beef + Barley
  • Chicken + Brown Rice

We discovered that their Lamb and Brown Rice formula is a terrific alternative to Ollie’s Fresh Lamb with Cranberries because the two formulas offer a lamb in combination with superfoods like cranberries and blueberries that give your dog plenty of health benefits.

However, Spot & Tango’s recipe is a bit pricier than Ollie’s so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative this might not be the right fit.

This brand is popular among dog parents because its recipes are made with real meat, fresh, and whole ingredients and offer dogs balanced meals to maximize their potential.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Dog Food Comparable to Ollie

Dog parents want the best for their dogs and diet that usually means high-quality food that can provide the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and fit.

There are plenty of dog food manufacturers out there and it might be hard to determine which food is most suitable for your munchkin.

Dog food delivery services offer top-grade food made with human-grade ingredients and they use special methods to keep in nutrients and flavor, so you can easily spot the difference between this food and your local store brand.

If your dog eats food made with real, fresh ingredients that was crafted by a team of experts who make sure he/she gets a complete, nutritious meal the benefits are numerous.

You can get a unique plan according to your dog’s needs, health condition, or goals which not only gives your dog nutrients, but it helps with allergies and other serious problems like obesity. [1]

And you don’t need to calculate anything or switch to a different food once your dog is at a different life stage, that’s all being taken care of for you.

But, that’s why these brands are pricier than many others.

Although some dog parents can afford to buy any dog food no matter the cost, others are on a budget and try to find what fits them the most.

That’s why we found some foods that are similar to Ollie’s but more affordable.

It’s up to you to check if these brands offer everything you are looking for and it’s good that you can try creating a personalized meal plan to see the price for your dog because it can vary depending on your dog’s unique needs.

Bear in mind that dog food delivery services are more expensive than feeding your canine kibble, but investing in food can help your dog stay healthy, thus fewer visits to the vet.

What’s more, if you choose fresh food that the above-mentioned delivery services offer you need to remember that storage is in the fridge or freezer.

It might be more convenient to store dry food, but fresh food has more nutritional value.

How to Transition to New Dog Food

Last but not least, switch to new food gradually.

No matter if you switched from dry to fresh or to a different brand, your dog needs time to get used to the new food.

Make the transition by slowly adding new food to the old food and see how your dog reacts.

That way your dog can switch to new food without causing stomach issues or refusal to eat.

It’s best to consult your vet before making any change to your dog’s diet.

Final thoughts

Ollie can be a great option for many canines but in this article, we listed fresh dog foods comparable to Ollie’s that can be a better fit due to the quality ingredients, more variety, or price.

If you are looking for more affordable alternatives, our team discovered that Pet Plate offers the best value for money, also The Farmer’s Dog and Open Farm made it high on the list due to the choice of premium ingredients but lower cost.

As always, we suggest consulting your vet for the best advice on your dog’s diet.

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