Ivana Petrovska

Content Creator
Dog Nutrition
Pet Care


  • Seasoned freelance writer with a passion for all things canine nutrition.
  • Graduated from Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Philology Skopje, with a strong foundation in communication.
  • Regular contributor to various online publications, sharing insights and tips on providing optimal nutrition and care for dogs.


Ivana Petrovska's journey into the world of pet care is driven by her profound love for dogs. With her heart deeply connected to these loyal companions, Ivana channels her expertise in dog nutrition to empower dog owners with knowledge that makes a difference.

As a devoted English language teacher and dog owner, Ivana's unique perspective comes from her ability to bridge language barriers and simplify intricate details. She believes that every dog owner deserves to understand the essence of proper nutrition and well-being without feeling overwhelmed.

Beyond her writing pursuits, Ivana spends her free time with her two dogs, embracing the joy they bring into her life. Her upbringing in a canine-friendly environment has fostered her belief in the transformative power of a balanced diet and the importance of fostering a deep bond with our four-legged friends.


Ivana Petrovska's educational journey began at Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Philology Skopje, where she honed her communication skills. Her background enables her to convey dog nutrition concepts in an accessible and relatable manner, empowering dog owners to make informed choices.

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