Taste of the Wild vs Victor Dog Food: [2024] Comparison

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taste of the wild vs victor dog food comparison

Finding the right food for your pup is essential because their nutrition plays an important role in their overall health. 

This article aims to help you find out which brand is better for your pup, Victor or Taste of the Wild?

We will compare Taste of the Wild vs Victor premium dog foods and dive into details about their ingredients, nutritional value, price, and quality.

But, first things first.

A sneak peek at the winner:

Victor vs Taste of the Wild Brand History 

Victor’s History

What started as a family business in the 1940s grew into a well-established company that is popular among pet parents.

They owe their popularity to the quality ingredients, high percentage of meat protein, a variety of meats, and their commitment to providing dogs with natural and balanced meals.

What’s more, they take pride in producing food in their facility in Texas and sourcing exclusive ingredients from trusted sources.

Victor’s recipes are ideal for high-performance dogs who thrive on food rich in protein, amino acids, grains, or no grains, and fewer veggies and fruits.

Taste of the Wild’s History

Their story started in 2007 and they built a great reputation over the years.

Taste of the Wild’s main value is using natural ingredients, and a range of meats to provide dogs with a diet like their ancestors used to have.

With their recipes, dogs get plenty of protein, but also vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids from wholesome grains, veggies, and fruits.

Both brands are reputable and favorites among many dog parents.

It’s no wonder since they use premium ingredients, added vitamins, and minerals, and they give dogs nutritious meals to keep them healthy and strong.

They both win this round, for sure.

Taste of the Wild vs Victor Recipe Range Comparison


In Victor’s dry food section there are three lines and you will find a variety of formulas rich in protein from meat meals, as well as whole grains, and healthy carbs.

Victor Classic offers 4 nutrient-dense formulas that are made with a high percentage of meat protein and can be suitable for sporting or high-performing dogs.

Similarly, Victor Select is rich in nutrients, meat protein, and whole grains and it’s made with single meat protein to suit dogs sensitive to some meats.

Also, there are 3 grain-free options out of 7 for dogs prone to allergies caused by grains.

Moreover, Victor Purpose is crafted for dogs prone to joint issues or weight problems and it has a significant amount of protein, but fewer carbs. This line features 3 grain-free recipes for dogs with food-related allergies and 3 grain-inclusive kibbles for dogs who benefit from them.

Victor Realtree is their newest subline which features 2 recipes intended for highly active dogs.

The kibbles have 3 different protein sources, omega fatty acids, and nutrients to fuel hard-working dogs throughout the day.

This brand also features one line of wet recipes made to meet your canine’s nutritional needs and satisfy his cravings for real meat.

It’s good to know that Victor’s formulas are based on activity levels, so you can choose an option for normally active, sporting, or high-performing dogs.

They make food for all breeds and life stages.

One of their top recipes, Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus is a terrific option for active dogs and growing puppies due to the high percentage of protein and fat, 30/20, and nutrient-rich formula which provides a complete, balanced meal for pups of any size and age.

Taste of the Wild

There are 3 different brands featured in Taste of the Wild with a total of 16 dry and 5 wet formulas.

Taste of the Wild brand has 9 grain-free kibbles for sensitive canines that thrive on a protein-rich diet inspired by nature.

The recipes are fitted for puppies, nursing or pregnant, adult, and senior dogs.

Furthermore, Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains offers a unique combination of wholesome grains and exclusive meats packed with protein and nutrients for pups at any life stage.

This brand features 4 recipes without soy, corn, and wheat making them suitable for dogs prone to these allergens.

Last but not least, Prey Limited ingredient formulas have only four key ingredients to give dogs a taste they love without causing digestive problems.

You can find 3 Prey Limited ingredient formulas designed for all breeds and life stages.

If your dog likes canned food, Taste of the Wild’s wet recipes can be fed as a topper or as a sole diet, giving your dog a complete and balanced meal.

The brand’s signature kibble, Taste of the Wild High Prairie can be a great option for adult dogs with food allergies since it’s made with real meat, fruits, veggies, and legumes.

Roasted bison and roasted venison add an exotic flavor pups love, and not to mention, the formula has 32% crude protein for building muscle and staying strong.

We feel like both brands win in this category for offering a variety of products, grain-free, and grain-inclusive food crafted with premium ingredients for different breeds and life stages.

Food Ingredients

VictorTaste of the Wild
chicken meal, beef meal, pork meal, lamb meal, salmon, and fish meal

whole grain millet, grain sorghum, alfalfa, brown rice
buffalo, beef, poultry, wild boar, bison, venison, lamb, and fish 

brown rice, sorghum, millet, quinoa, cracked pearled barley
carrots, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, sweet potatoes, peas, tomato pomacesweet potatoes, potatoes, garbanzo beans, apples, raspberries, tomatoes, tomato pomace, carrots, blueberries
seaweed meal, yeast culture, selenium yeastflaxseed, canola oil, chia seeds, fish oil, and sunflower oil

Both brands include quality meat among the first ingredients, they add healthy carbs, whole grains, vitamins, and minerals and Taste of the Wild uses slightly more veggies and fruits.

In addition, the two brands add ingredients rich in omega fatty acids, which are beneficial for your dog’s skin, coat, and well-being.

Note that both brands include tomato pomace which can be a source of fiber, but it can also be used as a filler in some pet foods.

Nevertheless, Victor’s recipes are boosted with VPro, a blend of probiotics, prebiotics, mineral complexes, and selenium yeast to promote digestive, immune, and skin health for pups of all breeds and ages.

Besides, selenium yeast is said to promote health and reduce the risk of cancer.

Taste of the Wild’s formulas are enhanced with K-9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics to support your pal’s digestion, immune system, and overall health.

We give credit to both Taste of the Wild and Victor for fortifying their formulas with exceptional ingredients.

Meat Content 

Victor’s recipe includes beef meal, pork meal, chicken meal, blood meal, and menhaden fish meal and it consists of 88% meat protein.

That’s plenty of complete protein dogs need to build and maintain muscles, healthy bones, and a strong immune system.

Plus, the menhaden fish meal is a great source of omega fatty acids as well making the recipe better for your pup’s skin and coat.

However, blood meal is considered a controversial ingredient that pet food manufacturers add as a source of protein, nutrients, and amino acids if used appropriately.

In addition, Taste of the Wild’s kibble starts with duck, duck meal, chicken meal, roasted quail, roasted duck, and smoke-flavored turkey.

The combination of fresh meat, fowl, and smoked meat gives dogs plenty of meat protein (not stated exactly how much) and nutrients to support healthy bones and lean muscles.

Another important feature is that neither brand uses by-products which is good news for dog parents who want only meat and meat meals in their dogs’ food.

Both formulas provide dogs with quality meat and Victor is a good option if your dog prefers beef, chicken, and pork while Taste of the Wild is the right choice for pups who like fowl and roasted meat flavor.


dog eating bowl of kibble

In this category, we decided to compare some of their most popular recipes with grains, Victor Hi-Pro Plus for dogs of all ages vs Taste of the Wild Ancient Wetlands with Ancient Grains for adult dogs. 

Bear in mind that your dog’s needs may vary and we advise you to consult your vet about your canine’s unique dietary plan.

Continue reading to find out more about the nutritional value of these dry dog formulas.

Protein Content

chicken fillets and thighs

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for canines.

It helps them grow muscles, gives them energy, and promotes gut and digestive health.

On top of that, it strengthens the immune system and helps dogs fight off infections and diseases.

If your dog doesn’t get enough protein he can become weak and have many health problems including skin and coat issues.

In comparison, Victor’s kibble contains 30% crude protein content whereas Taste of the Wild’s 32%.

That’s similar protein content and when we consider the fact both brands use meat or meat meals and no by-products, we can say that pups get quality protein from their kibble.

Furthermore, Taste of the Wild uses egg product and more whole grains which add to the total protein content while Victor includes more meat protein sources and fewer grains.

Complete protein which comes from meat, fish, poultry, and eggs is better for dogs and provides more health benefits.

So, the two brands meet the AAFCO’s standards and provide a minimum of 18% crude protein for adult maintenance and although Taste of the Wild’s recipe is slightly higher in protein, Victor’s formula includes more meat protein.

That’s why the result is tied once again.

Fiber Content

Another vital component of every dog’s diet.

Fiber promotes good bowel movement, and healthy digestion, and keeps your pup full longer.

Food high in quality fiber can help regulate blood sugar levels, and reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity.

Some of the best sources of fiber are brown rice, barley, oats, grain sorghum, chia seed, quinoa, alfalfa, peas, carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, raspberries, blueberries, flaxseed, and pumpkin.

Victor’s kibble has 3.8% fiber from ingredients like grain sorghum, whole grain millet, alfalfa meal, and carrots.

Whole grain millet is rich in dietary fiber, it’s digestible, and it’s high in vitamin B.

Taste of the Wild’s recipe contains 3% fiber content from grain sorghum and millet, but also cracked pearled barley, quinoa, chia seed, raspberries, and blueberries.

Raspberries are known for their high fiber content and antioxidants and they have multiple health benefits for dogs like anti-inflammatory properties that may help with joint pain.

Although Victor’s recipe is higher in fiber, Taste of the Wild includes more wholesome ingredients that boost your pal’s health and that’s why we can’t declare a winner in this round either.

Winner: Tie

Fat Content

Fat provides energy, helps the body absorb vitamins, and it promotes brain health.

Dogs with high-energy demands can benefit from a diet high in fat.

However, dogs who are overweight or senior dogs who aren’t that active anymore should eat food lower in fat to maintain a healthy weight.

Essential omega fatty acids are the healthiest fats and you can find them in ingredients like fish, fish oil, flaxseed, chia seed, and sunflower oil.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have numerous benefits for your fur baby’s health. They promote skin, coat, brain, heart, and joint health.

Therefore, Victor’s and Taste of the Wild’s formulas have 20% and 18% crude fat, respectively.

Sporting dogs or highly active dogs can benefit from these formulas, however, overweight dogs need a diet lower in this nutrient.

When you dig a little deeper, you can see that Victor’s recipe contains 2.6% omega-6 and 0.4% omega-3 fatty acids while Taste of the Wild has 2.8% omega-6 and 0.5% omega-3.

We have to side with Taste of the Wild this time for including more essential omega fatty acids.

Winner: Taste of the Wild


dry dog kibble close up

The two brands understand dogs are carnivores and give them a taste of their primal diet by choosing different meats, common and exceptional like bison, venison, salmon, whole grains, veggies, and fruits that even fussy eaters can’t resist.

We can’t be the judges of dog food, but our fur buddies can.

That’s why our dog Coco jumped in to help us out.

We must say he enjoyed the taste of both brands’ food and couldn’t wait to dig in each time we served him the food.

But, he’s a rescue dog so he isn’t fussy about food.

So, it’s up to your canine to see which flavor is better. It’s good that you have a nice range of products to choose from and even grain-free options for four-legged buddies that are sensitive to grains.

Winner: Tie

Price Comparison 

Premium dog food brands are more expensive because they use better ingredients, added vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics, and that brings more health benefits than food with poorer quality ingredients.

Price is something to think about in the long term.

TOTW Wild Appalachian Valley Small Breed Grain-Free Dry Dog FoodVictor Purpose Senior Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food
Price per pound $2.15/lb (28-lb bag)Price per pound $1.68/lb (40-lb bag)
TOTW Ancient Wetlands with Ancient Grains Dry Dog FoodVictor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dry Dog Food
$2.11/lb (28-lb bag)$1.55/lb (40-lb bag)
TOTW Southwest Canion Beef in Gravy Canned Dog FoodVictor Beef & Vegetables Stew Cuts in Gravy Canned Dog Food
$0.23/oz (13.2 oz)$0.25/oz (13.2 oz)

Luckily, both Taste of the Wild and Victor offer meat, hearty ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, and no fillers, or artificial preservatives for the price you pay.

On average, Victor is cheaper than Taste of the Wild and it’s more suitable for dog parents buying on a budget.

We think that Taste of the Wild justifies the price by adding real meat, not meat meals, and more fruits and veggies in its formulas.

Winner: Victor

Customer Reviews

Based on Chewy‘s customer reviews, Victor Hi-Pro Plus has 4.4 stars and more than 1400 reviews while Taste of the Wild Ancient Wetlands with Ancient Grains also has 4.4 stars but only about 100 reviews.

Customers who feed their dogs Victor’s recipe noticed an improvement in skin, energy levels, and overall health.

But some customers report a change in quality and dogs refusing to eat it.

Taste of the Wild turned out to be great for some pups’ coats and allergies and customers like the quality ingredients it offers.

However, some customers say it caused gasses and stomach issues in their dogs.

Overall, both brands use top-notch ingredients and for some dogs, Victor’s recipe is more beneficial while others thrive on Taste of the Wild’s. 

Winner: Tie

Recalls and Product Safety

The FDA is responsible for ensuring that pet food is safe and of high quality.

When a certain product doesn’t meet the standards the FDA issues a recall and that product needs to be retrieved or replaced.

Taste of the Wild has one recall so far, but it has been involved in a lawsuit for potential toxic material presence.

They don’t have any active recalls and they solved the issue quickly making sure pets get quality food.

Victor has never been recalled and has an amazing record when it comes to food safety.

Obviously, Victor takes the win for taking pet food safety to another level and making sure dogs get awesome quality.

Winner: Victor

Overall Winner

These two premium dog food brands offer terrific meat options, wholesome ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that help dogs maximize their potential and stay healthy and energized.

We would like to highlight that neither brand uses by-products or grains like wheat, soy, and corn which makes them good choices for dogs sensitive to these ingredients and dog parents who prefer premium meat in their pets’ food.

Victor and Taste of the Wild ended up with a tie in many categories, and we feel that they are great options for dogs who thrive on a high protein diet with omega fatty acids, prebiotics, and probiotics for better digestion, shiny skin and coat, and strong muscles.

We lean toward Victor for making more affordable food, producing at their own facility, adding lots of meat protein, and more fiber, and not having a single recall.

Taste of the Wild gets more points in our book for higher protein content, real meat, and including more veggies and fruits.

Either way, you get great value for money and we hope this article helps you make the right decision. We advise you to consult your vet for the best advice on your canine’s diet.

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